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After a Hiatus

I’ve been missing this blo lately.  Especially since I’ve recently chosen to sport a TWA full time now! ( more on that to come )

So I’m back up and the first thing I did was look around to see if the CLT has been helping any one else out.  I still love it.  On youtube I found this great vid of the explanation of the PH level in your hair rising when doing it and I thought I post it here to share.


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Cherry Lola Treatment Results

Cynthia, one of my fav youtube blooger tried the cherry lola treatment! I would like to comment on a few things she said
1. Detangling- I totally agree with her- We worry to much about detangling. I haven’t put a comb in my hair for a month now and it’s been great! Way more defined.

2. Over estimate how much you need. Make a whole container if you are blessed with thick hair like Cynthia

Check out the youtube vid on her channel here

The Cherry Lola Treatment- CurlmeBella Vids

Hi Curlies!
As I’ve said before, YouTube was where I first started this natural journey. Without it I’d still be in weaves.
One of the channels I love and subscribe to is Curlmebella. Recently she has been playing with the Cherry Lola Treatment and really loves it too!
She found that using conditioner in place of yogurt works best for her.
Here is her final results from her last treatment. Be sure to check out her channel. She is so cute!

The Cherry Lola Treatment Tutorial

I haven’t done a video in ages,because the iSight in my mac is a little messed up- but now I have a brand spanking new camcorder!! This took a lot longer to upload to youtube then I expected- but it’s ready now! And it’s in HD!

If you try the CLT and like it (or don’t)let me hear about it-before and afters would be great!!
For all post on the Cherry Lola Treatment click here

I’m looking for a good online link for Braggs in the UK… hold tight!

The Protein Styling gel I used (just a little of)

sof n free gel

Braggs is not Soy Sauce


I’ve been getting a few questions about Braggs, which is in the Cherry Lola Treatment. There seems to be some confusion on what the difference between soy sauce and Braggs.
The two are not the same thing.

The biggest difference between the two is fermentation. Braggs is not fermented and soy sauce is. But further, soy sauce usually contains sugars, salts, colorings and wheat proteins that might interfere with the cherry lola treatments purpose- Frizz Reduction!

This weekend I will be post a tutorial on how to do the Cherry Lola treatment start to finish, with some do’s and don’t as well. I think I have found the perfect routine! If you have any questions you would like me to answer, drop them in the comments section!

Stay curly!!

Cherry Lola

Naturally Curly

Cherry Lola treatment

Hi y’all,

Happy Long Weekend!

Just wanted to point you to the thread on Naturally Curly about the Cherry Lola Treatment. A few people added their experiences with it. Add your own thoughts if you have any! NATURALLY CURLY

The Crown and The (shower) Head – The Cherry Lola Technique

Okay, it been a few days since I’ve posted…. have you ever had a week where you had a plan- made free time to get everything done and STILL managed to run out of hours in the day….Ridiculous how quickly the hours go when you need them….

Because of this lack of time I have a new hair routine. The routine has a few parts- which i will elaborate on over the weekend, but the MOST important part I will focus on now.

When I was applying the “Cherry Lola Treatment” a few Saturdays ago, I started thinking about the post on Naturally Curly, which is about uncooperative crown. And how for some people, like me, it always gets fuzzy. Frizzy crown, coarse crown, my crown won’t curl… I read a lot of these complaints. I have a lot of these complaints myself.

So yes, it got me thinking. About my shower head.

You see, the softest, smoothest, least frizzy part of my hair is the hair around my ears and the under side of my head. These areas are also the parts that are least bombarded by the some what hard and pounding shower stream that come out of my shower head.

When I do the CL treatment, my curls really pop. I want to keep those curls. SO I decided to try this: Instead rinsing my head under the shower, and messing up the curl I gently poured water over my head with a jug. It takes about 20 pours to rinse the treatment out completely. But because the water is flowing down in a smooth stream, I don’t lose to much of the curl.

I ‘ve been doing this even when I co- wash, and the difference it has made in my hair – particularly the crown – it is amazing.

The Cherry Lola technique
The Cherry Lola technique
The Cherry Lola technique



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