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Ads that Rock! A selection…

namesDorothy sent these in and I thank her a million times!!

Have you noticed that ads that are geared to a general female target market tend to use naturals in their ads more and more? I have and I’m lovin’ it! Although this trend is more prominent in the US then here in UK.

My favorite of the below is Nuva ring!

If you’ve seen a great Ad let me know about it! Thanks again Dorothy!

Ads that rock-

Lisa over at lifeisexamined sent in a couple of great ads!

She also wrote:

I just discovered your blog a few days ago through . I love it! I’ve been natural for over 5 years now. Unfortunately, my hair care has become sad and my hair has paid for it. That’s why I’m trying to read as many natural blogs to see if I can wake up my hair again. It’s dry, dull, and hasn’t grown (or retained growth) for years.

Anyways, I wanted to send you some US print ads that I’ve cut out and kept for inspiration. The funny thing about these are that they were in Domino, a trendy semi-upscale interior design magazine that just went out of business. However, the magazine never had that much advertising that used black people in it but of the few ads they would have featuring African-American women, almost all (75% or more) of them would feature women with natural hair. I always found that fascinating. So at least here, natural is considered hip and the height of fashion. I hope you enjoy them as I have.

I think they’re great- (even though I’m not a great believer in botox…) And I have noticed this too.. ads that are in mags that are a little more posh rarely feature women of colour but when they do they are quite often natural. Any thoughts on why?

Here she is after her big chop

Thanks Lisa for sharing!

Ads that Rock- StateFarm Bride

This is a scan from a magazine- so the quality isn’t great. But I love this ad, so I had to post it.

State Farm Natural Hair Bride

Ads that Rock -Chili’s

Hi Curlies,

I am truly swamped at work at the moment- but it should all ease up by tomorrow night. In the meantime here’s another spotted natural (i think- could be texturised)

Ads that Rock- Crest White Toothpaste

I love this ad. I love everything about it. Except the script. But that’s neither here nor there. Enjoy…

Ads that rock- Venus Razors

I was surfing all this weekend, and I have a few interesting things to post about over the next couple of days. One of the things I was looking at this weekend is Ads. I work in media so adverts are something that really excite me. One comment I had last week was about how I would love the new JC Penny ad. Unfortunately we don’t have JC penny here, so I went on the hunt online. I didn’t find it but through my hunt I found a few others I love.

Most of these ads are from the US and not the UK though- It’s a lot harder to find ads with Black or mixed race people on tv in the UK. Never mind ones that rock it natural. But I’m on the look out

This one is for Venus razors. Hair spotted: briefly a big puff a the beginning and then a terrific fro at the very end. Hold out for it. I Love It

Ads that Rock!!!

Dove Natural hair girl

I found this ad in this months Essence Magazine. The way this women looks in this ad- that’s how I want to feel every day. Plus her hair rocks!



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