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Amino Acids and hair the cherry lola treatment

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Over the weekend I was trolling the net researching things about hair, when I came across a really gross article about soy sauce being made from hair.
Check it out here.

Yes, Grooooossssss. I actually think this is just a rumour. But still. Yuck!

Anyways…it got me thinking about Soy Sauce. Or, more importantly, Liquid Amino Acids.
Amino Acids (AAs) are the building blocks of protein, which is exactly what hair is; protein.
I also have Amino Acids in my fridge as I use them instead of plain old Kikkoman or tamari sauce.

In total there are twenty amino acids:
Glutamic Acid
Minor Amino Acids

There are two types of amino acids:
1. Non Essential AAs – these are the kind that your body produces on its own.
2. Essential AAs – these are the kind that you must get from edible sources. Proteins such as chicken, fish, nuts, and (to a lesser degree) soy are all great sources for essential AAs.

From my research I’ve concluded that all AAs are important for hair health, but the following ones play the most important roles in hair:

Essential Amino Acid


  • A powerful antioxidant;
  • A good source of sulfur which helps in the prevention of hair, skin and nail disorders;
  • Prevents the premature loss of hair;
  • Works in the body to detoxify many harmful elements;
  • Works as a good anti-fatigue agent;
  • Aids the breaking down of fats to prevent the buildup of fat in the arteries and liver.

Non essential amino acids


  • Makes up 10-14% of the skin and hair, vital for healthy development of skin and hair;
  • Encourages better recovery from burns and surgical procedures.


(Cysteine and Cystine are interchangeable; two molecules of Cysteine make Cystine.)

  • Great Antioxidant and a natural detoxifier;
  • Essential in growth, maintenance, and repair of skin and hair.
  • One of the three main sulfur-containing amino acids, along with Taurine and Methionine.


  • Produces melanin, which is the pigment that gives the skin and hair its color;
  • Vital to the body’s overall metabolism;
  • Can improve your moods and is used to treat depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Now let me just say; I LOVE AMINO ACIDS. I don’t know why, but they cheer me up. At night, C and I usually have a big salad and I always spritz on some AAs for flavor and almost immediately I get an uplifting effect from them. I get a little giddy. After looking around a bit, I think it has something to do with the Tyrosine.

So the burgeoning mixtress in me got all fired up. I decided to put AAs in my hair.

I thought about it a little more. I couldn’t just pour them on my head; I didn’t think that would work as they’re thin like water. So I mixed it up, and here is my recipe:

Yogurt - 2 parts
For the protein and the conditioning properties.

Baking Soda 1/2 part
To make my hair more porous.

Amino Acids 1/2 part
To see what they did.

I’ve used yogurt and baking soda before, mixing them with other things, and they were okay.

But together with the AAs – AMAZING!!!!

I sectioned my hair into eight parts and applied the concoction with my fingers, making sure to coat from root to tip. As soon as I put the treatment on I could tell something was different.
My roots! My roots started to clump together.

This has been my big “issue”; frizz – mostly at the roots. This treatment totally calmed the frizz down and made the roots behave the way the rest of my hair does. It has become curly from root to tip. I was floored by the results. I still am. I’ve done the treatment three times now over the course of a week and the results seem to just get better. I haven’t changed anything else in my regime and have been using Lustra Silk and my own handmade conditioner, or the Henna Wax Treatment, and co-washing every other day with Boots Coconut and Almond Oil Condish. But judge for yourself, here are the pics:

Click here for more on the Cherry Lola treatment
 Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment
Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment


This is my texture un-handled. I’m am 3c/4a hair type for those who care to know

Cherry Lola Natural Hair

An Average Twist Out

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment

First treatment

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment

First Treatment Results

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment
Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment

2nd Treatment

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment
 Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment

2nd Treatment Results

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment
 Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment />

3rd Treatment Results

 Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment
Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment


Here’s where you can buy Braggs:

If you try this and it works for you – or if it does not – let me know!!!

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OMG!!! I tried this and got the same results- its unbelievable. My hair isnt dry yet so I dont know how that will be but I see a marked difference already. Now heres the thing, I used ammonium free baking soda, however I left it on my hair for about 1/2hr and started to smell an ammonia smell, did you get that too? Im curious about what is happening chemically with this concoction, have you done any further research? Right now, Im excited, thanks for this:-)

That is great news culmebella!! I was hoping it wasn’t just a fluke. I just used regular baking soda- I didn’t even think about ammonia- but it mostly smelled like burnt maple syrup. I’m looking into what’s happening chemically. I’ll keep you posted.

How did it look your hair was dry?

I’ve tried this, just not using the same mixture as you. I mixed in enough Amino Acids with plain old conditioner until it turned a medium brown color. I then put it on my hair for about 10 mins with heat and it just felt smooth and manageable. That was while I was transitioning though, so I’m going to try it on my all natural hair now and tell you how it comes out. I’m hoping to get the same results as I have a problem with clumping too. Bur aren’t you afraid that 3 times in one week will make your hair over-exposed to protein?

This treatment sounds like something worth trying!! I’m copying down for my weekly process and will report back. Glad you had amazing results;-)!

ok- followup – It looks just as good and just as frizz free when dry. Its a little wierd getting used to the look withoug frizz- havent decided if Im crazy about it or not. I think that in addition to controlling frizz it adds weight to the hair because my hair is hanging longer than usual. Im going to keep an eye on my hair this week and report back after about 5 days post experimentation.Thanks:-)


the results are GORGEOUS! You look fabu.

That’s great new culmebella!! Even if you sort of miss the frizz. keep me posted!

Thanks Chai! keep me posted!

I’m glad to hear Amino Acids worked for you!! I’m holding off now on the treatments for a week to see how long the results last for!

Look what OUIDAD had to say about how her products work!;
Curly hair tends to be dehydrated due to its spiral structure. Straight hair’s cuticle (hair’s protective outermost layer) has a smooth, resistant surface. Curly hair’s cuticle layer is lifted away from the hair shaft causing the hair to lose moisture, resulting in dry, frizzy unmanageable hair. When the molecular layer is filled with amino acids and proteins, the hair will have its own internal weight and will not react to humidity. Why? The answer is simple: there is no room for water to seep in, so hair looks smoother, shinier, and it behaves.
Your on to something girlie:-)

I tried this again. I used conditioner, amino acids, baking soda and molasses. It really did cause curl definition. My whole head didn’t curl immediately but after I put some gel in it you could really see all the curls coming out.

I’m living in South Korea right now, and i’m trying to figure out where i can buy Amino Acids. Where do you get Amino Acids and in what form does it come in?
Can i find it in the grocery store?
Oh and one more question. You said that you use it instead of Kikkoman (a soy sauce), did you use soy sauce in your hair before this?

No I didn’t put soy sauce in my hair- I meant I use Amino acids as a replacement for soy sauce in my food. Braggs, is liquid soy protien- so I’m sure you can find some in South Korea.

Maybe I missed it, but how long do you leave it in before you rinse it out? When it’s in your hair, do you comb it thru for even distribution? Do you put anything in your hair after you rinse the mixture out? I’m in braids right now, but I’m going to try this as soon as they come out. Thanks!

I definitely want to try this! After you rinsed it out, did you condition your hair?

I want to try this! After you rinse out the amino acid mixture
do you condition your hair?

I tried the CherryLola Treatment and eventhough I don’t think I added the same amount of ingredients – my results were great. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Check out my post with pictures – Laquita :o)

This looks wonderful… did u condition after you rinsed this out? I wanna try this asap. Thanks for sharing. :)

Yes i co washed and then used a conditioner to style!


I wanted to know if your super curly picks were twist outs or drying naturally? I wonder if the frizz will still be gone if it were to air dry?

Hi CL, I’ve done this treatment twice and like it. However my hair is gray/white and I’m concerned about the Bragg’s staining it. Do you think silk amino acids would be a good substitute? Any other recommendations? TIA

That’s a good question- and my answer is -I’m not sure- I’ll have to find some silk aminos and try
Have you noticed that your color has been changing?

When you say (parts) do you mean cups or ounces? Because I want to try this and I need those measurements. Thanks

Hi MJ,

When i say parts i mean whatever measurement you use. If you use 2 cups of yogurt then use half cup of baking soda and Braggs…2 ounces o f yogurt then 1/2 ounce Braggs and baking soda. I generally do it by eye so it doesn’t have to be exact.

I’d love to see your results

Thank you and I’ll post pictures after I do it.

What a GREAT idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this. I will let you know my results…

Well, I did the Cherry Lola– AND IT’S GREAT! My hair looks soft, curly, and healthy. An unexpected bonus–it seemed to soothe my sometimes itchy /flaky scalp! Thank you and keep it up…

Hi Cherry,

I live in London and would like to know where did you buy this product from, i.e which supermarket, I really want to try it it looks amazing..

Hi Cheryl,

You can pick up Braggs at Whole Foods, Fresh and Wild or pretty much any good whole food, health food store.

How often do you do the treatment? How many times per week or month?

Once a week at the moment


Love your results!

Just so i get this straight, the AA that you use in your hair was soy sauce? So your mix is soy, baking soda and yogurt?

Braggs and Soy Sauce are different. Braggs is not Fermented. Soy sauce is. Further Soy sauce contains a number of other ingredients, like colourings and salts. Braggs is pure Amino acids from Soy protein. Hope that helps!


Were your super curly picks the result of twist outs or drying naturally? I can’t wait to try this after my BC!

hi! i was just put on this by curlmebella (we’re youtubers :)

OMG im so excited to try this! i do the condish only method and its great until it dries and there is always the bit of frizz that never seems to go away. i have A LOT of hair and shrinkage is…well…you know…off the whole foods!
lol…thanks again

I have a question. My daughter and I have locks. Do you know if this same recipe will work. I have been thinking about ways to boost sheen on our hair (it’s moderately shiny…I want BLING!) You hair looks absolutely FABULOUS!

I do not see answers for the question: do you use a conditioner after the application and how long do you leave it on?

Yes I do a co wash right after I wash out the treatment, and then style as usual…

Hello Cherry Lola,
I was excited to try this treatment and did.
But I was struck by the overwhelming smell of ammonia with the concoction on my hair.
I didn’t smell ammonia in the bowl, but somehow the mix in my hair produced this smell.
I searched the internet for an answer — something must be in the amino acid and the baking soda, but I don’t know what.
Also, yogurt is acidy
Did you ever find out why the ammonia smell?
It made me nervous and I immediately washed the treatment out.
I had about 80% of my right half covered.
I did see elongation during the 15 min the treatment was on my hair.
My hair shrinks about 50% – 75% after washing.
The areas of my hair that have the least amount of shrinkage, stretched out the most and that lasted even until the next day.
But my scalp did feel a bit sore after using this treatment, especially in my crown where I first applied and that too lasted until the next day.
I started off applying this as if it were a relaxer, starting in my curliest area.

If other readers are going to try this treatment, I strongly urge them to try a patch test.
I didn’t. I thought these ingredients would be quite benign. And alone they probably are, but the combination needs explanation beyond what I’ve been able to find.
We really have to be careful with our “kitchen” concoctions.
This recipe is not one I’d try again without changing the proportions.
Is baking soda necessary here?
Maybe just liquid aminos + yogurt are sufficient?
Or maybe apple cider vinegar + yogurt?
maybe liquid aminos have too many aminos in them?

I have to say though, the liquid aminos + yogurt did taste good and I think it would make a good dip.


How often should one use this treatment. I’ve tried it once and I really like the results. I’d like to add it to my regime.

Once a week works for me!

Thanks so much for this great treatment! I tried it yesterday for the first time and was really pleasantly surprised by the results in my hair: major curl definition and far less shrinkage than usual. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

I have the curliest of curls (kinks) and I tried the cherry lola treatment with great curl definition. My tiny spirals clumped and I got lots of compliments from strangers. No more fro for me. I replaced the yogurt with Suave Humectant Conditioner and was able to cut out a step. There was no strange smell when I rinsed so I just shook out the extra water and patted my head with a towel. My hair is ultra cute, thanks Cherry Lola.

[...] of which — have you heard of the Cherry Lola method? The creator, Cherry Lola, claims that it’s helped to control her frizz and caused her curls [...]

Lola, I think you have created a great recipe. Someone might steal your idea to make a sell-able product so maybe you should jump on that first. I haven’t tried the treatment yet. I want to and I think I will because when I think about it, it doesn’t sound like it “perms” the hair. When people put a relaxer in their hair, the chemicals don’t help curls to clump together. Relaxers make the hair wavy and then straight and dry. Lola’s treatment looks healthy – like it defines one’s natural curls (a perm can’t do that) and reduces frizz. But the claim of an ammonia smell is a little unsettling. I’ll have to try this and see what I discover. Anyways, thanks so very much for sharing.

I’ve done a little bit of research and supposedly using yogurt in home made hair products is rather traditional, although most people are probably just not rediscovering this. I’m now wondering if using yogurt alone is okay? Does including the AA’s change the result or further benefit one’s hair?

Hey CL, I am thinking of trying your method but also trying to keep my regimen simple. Can you tell me what part the yogurt and baking soda play in bring out the curls and is it possible to just mix the amino acids with a conditioner? Should this be a protein conditioner?

I don’t want to take away from your methods cos its fantastic – I have fluffy/frizzy/silky 3c/4a hair too, but I’m trying to keep my regimen down to a few hours – if that!.

Oh sorry I must be blind – just read your instructions again and saw what the yoghurt does – provide protein and the baking soda makes hair more porous – so it doesn’t look as if I can miss out any steps as still need the moisture DC afterwards. Aww well! Can’t wait to see the results though, will keep you posted…

i have a question. Is this a weekly treatment?? how often is this suppose to be used???

ok i tried it this morning. i have to say that at first, i thought it looked o different because i always have wave an coil definition in the back and the front is just a lost cause because its loser..but the way i did it was i co washed my hair friday evening. left a little conditoner in it. let it dry into a poof ball until saturday morning. i mixed up the concoction, used it on my hair, (and by the way, my hair is short).rinse it out very well. Now keep in mind i did not co wash. I used a leave in (kinky curly knot today), and applied my ecostyler it dried, it got curlier and my coils are much more formed. i noticed a definite difference in the way my hair looked, and yes i will be using this weekly..

……….oh and by the way. i did NOT smell any ammonia, just soy i have no clue where people are coming up with this ammonia smell. it was just giving me a craving for chinesse food (lol)

o my friggin goodness. i came across this recipe on the curltalk forum and tried it this afternoon. i experimented on myself(3c/4a) and my mom (3b/3c). we let the recipe sit for 30 min then rinsed thoroughly (i don’t like shampoo due to harsh sulfates) and styled with conditioner. as soon as the conditioner began to dry the results were amazing. i have to mention that i use a texturizer and there is 1 tiny piece in the front that sometimes has issues clumping (due to me straightening :-() MY WHOLE FRIGGIN HEAD WAS CLUMPTASTIC! then i turn to my mom and HER HAIR IS CLUMPERIFIC! this recipe is the truth and both of us are adding to our weekly regimen. thx so much cherry lola you fuck*N rock!

Deveré aka Raye

I loved the treatment it has helped silken my curls and i have used it twice so far i add my fave conditioner to it and i love how it clumpsteh curls :-)

I tried the CL treatment for the first time this weekend and it worked great ! I’m now able to say goodbye to sew- ins.

FYI I used cottage cheese, because I stopped at Target ( its kinda like Tesco) and they only had vanilla yogurt. Well, the cottage cheese worked really well actually. Next time I will be more careful to rinse out the Treatment though, as you mentioned. I’ve been mentioning to people on facebook how well your treatment works ! Thanks a bunch !

also, I agree with Senait ! maybe you should try to patent your treatment before someone else tries to make it their own, becase the CLT is genius !

also, I agree with Senait ! maybe you should try to patent your treatment before someone else tries to make it their own, because the CLT is genius !

hi, i’m a teen and have been getting a texturizer every few months for less than 1 year. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this conditioning with a texturizer/perm and how has it worked for them? If not, no one thinks that there would be any problems with using this formula right?

I just tried the CLT for the first time tonight and it is fantastic!!! For years I have been trying to find a way to make all the textures in my hair that would be frizzy straight no matter what i tried are now almost perfect ringlets. i am definitely going to be using this as a weekly treatment for the next 3 months. i agree with another poster, you need to see about patenting this formula if possible :) THANK YOU!

I’m gonna have to try this on my next shampoo day this Wedneday! It sounds amazing. Wish me luck.

i’m wondering if this could reverse (or at least look like it did) the heat damage to my curls.

Wow!!! Bless you Cherry!!! I just applied your “Cherry Lola” treatment to my seriously type 4C low porosity hair(very tightly coiled and dry). The only thing I can say about this treatment is “I LOVE IT”!!! I’ve been natural for 3 years and my hair has never felt so good, manageable and moisturized. My only question is how often can I apply the treatment.
Thanks Cherry for sharing.

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